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Adele Celebrated Her 29th Birthday In The Best Way

May 7, 2017

Who doesn’t love Adele?

She’s probably one of the most universally liked musicians in the world because people can’t help but get emotional when they listen to her wonderful voice.

Sing it with us!

“Hello, from the outsiiiiiidddddeeeee…”


As well as breaking our hearts with her amazing voice and wonderfully written songs, Adele is also a bit of a jokester.

This year, to celebrate her 29th birthday, the singer posted some pretty hilarious pictures on Twitter and honestly, we can’t stop laughing.

Adele dressed up as an old lady and took a few shots in a photo booth and decided that this would be the perfect thing to share with her fans.

She posted the photos and captioned them saying:

“Nearly 30! Thanks for the well wishes. See you soon x “

30 isn’t exactly old age but you know Adele, she’s always up for a laugh!

Somehow she still looks stunning in her old lady costume too because well, she looks stunning in everything.

Happy Birthday, Adele!

Keep being amazing!


Image: EllenTube YouTube

Source: Scoopla | 7th May 2017 | 14:00