Doubling Down on the Down

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Doubling Down on the Down

Look, I never promised I would tackle world peace in this column, okay? But this week I bring you the second fluff piece of the month. Literally. A column for the second time on fluffy puffer jackets.  There is even an emoji for them. 🧥

So last week a bit of controversy was began when I declared my friend Candice Collins burst my bubble and told me puffer jackets are for middle-aged and older people. Candice Collins and I both love a puffer jacket outing. I feel safe in my puffer. It hides my COVID curves and I could use it as a pillow if I actually went out for dinner and fell asleep.

Well, well, well. Didn’t this statement that puffer jackets are basically daggy and for oldies start a fashion war of words when it comes to keeping warm? One local fashionista told us proudly she has 13 puffer jackets. A baker’s dozen!

“I am the proud owner of 13 puffer vests and jackets of every different colour, some with fur, some without, some have zips and some have buttons,” Carlie Brial said.  “It’s a very big YES for me and if you haven’t got one baby, you ain’t even living,” she added.

Mrs Meredith from school and I decided puffer jackets must be cool because they make our life so much better when we are waiting at sports or lining up for a coffee. We came up with the hashtag #pufferpride. So surely if we have invented a hashtag, it must be a real thing? Who knows, but I would like to see Carlie’s collection of 13 jackets to see what I am missing out on.

I even Googled ‘Are puffer jackets cool?’ and I found an article from GQ men’s magazine with the dreadful headline of ‘The best puffer jackets will bring some serious heat to your winter fits’.  The style bible endorses a Veilance down coat because it is a not-so-puffy-puffer jacket.

As long as we don’t resemble Stay Puft Marshmallow man from Ghostbusters, then we are good to go out in public in our puffers. However I did Google this brand of jacket and the price tag is around $1500, which for this price I would want a secret flask sewn into the lining with a slimline straw that is magically filled with a neverending supply of gin and tonic. Who is spending this much money on a puffer? A duffer that is who.

Another friend, Trish The Dish, says puffer jackers are not for old people, but actually just for cold people. Yes Trish, I agree with you.

So you will continue to see me sporting my puffer jacket around the Coast. Remember that saying, ‘a bikini body is made in winter’? Well, let me tell you if this is true come the warmer months. My bikinis will be holding up red wine, Camembert cheese and spring rolls. But for the rest of the cold season, I am doubling down on the double down. 🧥

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