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Calling all Nambour charities!

Is it just me or does everyone think Nambour is the heart of the Sunshine Coast?

It’s where our pioneers hail from, it’s where the hard work was done to build this beautiful community and the old girl deserves our love and respect.

I was recently asked to be part of a new grants program focused on Nambour and I am hoping you might spread the word.

Sundale Community Foundation was established last year as an extension of the aged care provider Sundale. After fifty years serving the elders of the Sunshine Coast, Sundale gifted one million dollars to set up the Foundation.  It’s hoped that nest egg will grow via donations and bequests but it is a fabulous starting point and will make a real difference to hard working community groups.

The concept of the Sundale Community Foundation is simple.  The Foundation receives money, that money is carefully invested to generate income, we then ask the community how the profits should be spent and finally that money is distributed.

In fact, our grant application process is now open and while only a modest amount of money is available this year, with careful management the pool will grow every year.  It doesn’t matter how big or small a project is, we might be able to help, and we are really keen to hear about charitable works in Nambour and surrounding towns that could do with a little cash and promotion.

Officially, the Foundation will target charities advancing health, education, social and or public welfare, culture and the natural environment, but we encourage any organisation providing benefit to the general public to get in touch.

Foundations grants will only be paid to not-for-profit organisations, registered charities and tax-exempt organisations from Nambour and surrounding areas.

The Buderim Foundation has been operating for more than a decade and has distributed almost half a million dollars to projects within the 4556 postcode, we hope to be similarly successful.

Since the Sugar Mill closed its doors in 2003 Nambour has done it tough.  Last year the hospital moved to Kawana taking thousands of health employees with it and locals are now fighting for council to retain full service in Currie Street.

In the face of all that, Nambour locals have fought to build a thriving centre of arts and culture.  Nambour doesn’t pretend to be a coastal town, it’s a groovy little battler.  The Sundale Community Foundation hopes to be part of that renaissance.

And as I mentioned earlier, we are happy to take your money too. Foundation money will be conservatively managed and we hope to become an information hub, where people can hear about worthy local projects and hopefully get involved.  In time we hope people see The Sundale Community Foundation as a good vehicle to disperse money to the community.

The first round of grant applications will close on September 30.

For more information visit

Caroline x