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Is it just me or does everyone agree that friends are the family we choose?

My mum always said you meet your best friends when your kids go to school and that’s how it worked for me.
My friend Jennifer is 50 this weekend. That means she is much older than me. Much. And that fits because she has taught me so much.
Jen is a doer. I have an imaginary line around my house which I try not to cross. Shopping, visiting friends, going to the beach, going to work, there is no real need for me to travel further than ten km’s in any direction and I’m pretty happy with it. Jen’s not like that.

After we go for a walk on Saturday morning Jen will whizz out to the Yandina markets for a look, she’ll head home via Coolum for a coffee and a swim and then spend the afternoon in the garden.
I’m more a one activity per day style person.
If Jen wants something done, she does it herself. Need a couch re-covered? Buy a staple gun. Want the side of your house cleared for paving? Get out the wheelbarrow. Love something new to wear? Just run it up on the singer. Jen fits more in to her life than anyone I know.

She’s not perfect though. Not by a long shot. Jen’s blind as a bat and can’t text more than a one word reply. She could be a little tiny bit stubborn too. In fact, if Jen doesn’t want to do it good luck making it happen and trust me what Jen doesn’t want to do will be perfectly clear.

I love going on holidays with Jen. Invariably the last to bed, without fail she will be up at six for a walk. She doesn’t care if you come along but if you get up she’ll make you a cup of tea while you put your shoes on. On the walk she’ll tell you what the plan is for breakfast, which beach we’ll visit for the morning, what we can get away with for lunch, what sand dunes she has checked out for some slip and slide in the afternoon and where we can pick up some fresh prawns.

Drinks start as soon as everyone starts showering before dinner.

That’s how Jen runs her life, all action all the time. It’s not exhausting, it’s exciting. And no matter how busy her life is, Jen always has time for friends. She puts me to shame. Jen knows which birthday comes next, who has someone sick in their family and what milestone is coming up for what kid. I just love her and I am lucky to ride her coat tails.
Happy 50th Jennifer. You are the family we all choose. Lucky you only live across the road.

Caroline xx