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Sami’s Blog – I miss my friends who taught me all about relationships, cocktails, bad break ups and good shoes

I miss my friends who taught me all about relationships, cocktails, bad break ups and good shoes.  I really miss them.  We met 20 years ago next year and it was always the 4 of them dressed to the nines hanging out with me, usually dressed in my pyjamas.  Sometimes in my early twenties, I would dress up with a flock of fabulous girls and we would grab a Cosmo and head out to meet the 4 ladies.  Well, we would watch them on TV in a bar.  Sex And The City first aired nearly 2 decades ago. How can that be, ladies? And I truly miss them.  Especially Carrie.

I fell in love with the divine Ms Bradshaw when the first episode aired in 1998 and I instantly and naively thought the episode had been written just for me.  Of course, that is why it remains one of the most influential shows of pop culture of all time. Millions of women in their teens, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and beyond felt a connection to these women because of the way they dealt with gritty issues such as heartbreak, harassment, infertility and poor body image but equally showed the way any girl squad loves to dress up.  Because that is life when you are a woman.

Our conversations with each other flit from politics to what we are cooking for dinner to Kim Kardashian.  Life is equal parts tragedy at times and equal parts we still want to put on a pretty dress, sip champagne with our friends, and forget about reality. Oh how I lived each week to see what Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha would be wearing, where they would go in New York City, and who they would be doing.  But it was Carrie who spoke to me the loudest.  She was a journalist climbing the ladder after all and that was my life long wish to also write and actually be paid for it.

The New Yorker was pretty lousy when it came to relationships.  That was definitely me. I even had her curly crazy hair and her habit of spending entire pay packets on ridiculous items of clothing.  And let’s tackle sex.  I mean talk about revolutionary TV having 4 females who enjoyed sex and all the cat and mouse head games that come and go with it.  Samantha opened my eyes each episode as she opened her bed to a constantly turning selection of hot guys.  I admit the Mr Big and Carrie relationship did not set a great example to women around the world of how to be treated but the ongoing rejection Carrie felt from him was palpable.  I was devastated when the series ended in 2004 because when I was down in the dumps or just trying to figure out where I was going in life I would pull out my box DVD set of every episode ever made and binge watch the girls in all their glory.

Then they made the first movie a few years later and it was just not the same.  It was not terrible but it did feel a little as if they had all just decided to live the life of a Hollywood story by living happily ever after and settling in the suburbs.  Where were our career girls who were being tossed about by the tide of battered and broken hearts that we could all relate to? And then the second movie came out.  Let’s not even discuss it, as I like to pretend it never even happened it was so hideously bad.  And now in the past week the rumours have started again of Sex And The City 3 finally being filmed.  I think sometimes memories are better left untouched.

And let us end on one of Carrie’s famed quotes just because the power of the girls in STC still knows no limits. “Life gives you lots of chances to screw up which means you have just as many chances to get it right.” Cheers to that, girls!

Sami xx