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About Caroline

Caroline is a wife, mother, part time home re-arranger and full time food and beverage enthusiast.

She has been part of MIX FM for 22 years.

When she is not on the air Caroline likes cooking, eating, lying on the beach, lying on the couch, watching TV and lying in bed reading.

These are all vital research tools for the award winning** Mark & Caroline for Breakfast.

**Mark & Caroline for Breakfast has not actually won any awards, but has been nominated for several.

About Mark

Mark is a drop out Civil Engineering student, arm-chair expert and evil clown enthusiast.

General laziness, a short attention span and a love of character voices attracted him to a career in Radio.

Mark has been working with Caroline on the Breakfast Show for over 15 years.

They should get it right soon.

When not on air Mark enjoys avoiding meetings, tending to his ruptured coccyx, and spending time with his wife Tracy, and their two kids.


NRL Tipping with Billy Moore

Be sure to be listening to Mark & Caroline when they catch up with Billy Moore for the latest on the National Rugby League, thanks to Campbell Construction Co. 


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