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Talking Back the Night

About the Show

This show is all about callers and opinions. Talking Back The Night covers the issues and news stories of the day and is known for its high talk back focus with callers from all walks of life and points of view every night. TBTN mixes robust discussion, hard hitting opinions and feature interviews with entertainment, a lot of laughs and regular experts covering everything from showbiz goss, TV & cinema, lifestyle & fitness, motoring, computers & the internet and sport.

There are regular trips down memory lane with TV, movie and music specials as well as big name guests and great prizes with the nightly quiz.

TBTN also features a great variety of the the best songs from the ’70s to today.

Phone 13 27 10 to have your say on TALKING BACK THE NIGHT – Sunday to Thursday nights.


About The Host

Christian Argenti has worked in talkback radio in Melbourne with SEN for two years before taking the host’s chair for TBTN. Christian loves the news and staying on top of the issues that effect Australia and Australians. Christian is always keen to offer an opinion in particular on the challenging and tricky issues and loves giving callers from all over Australia a voice.

He says, “There is a great mix of personalities and opinions with this show. Every night I get to meet interesting people and every night I learn something new. We don’t always agree on everything but that’s the beauty of such on open and wide reaching forum like Talking Back The Night.”

Prior to his radio work, Christian rose to prominence in the music industry as lead singer of the band Invertigo who had chart hits including ‘Desensitized’ and ‘Chances Are’ between 2001 and 2003.

Christian is a sports tragic, takes an interest in anything and everything, and is involved in local community events and programs.