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Image: Network Ten

Your First Look At The New Australian Survivor Castaways!

DeciderTV has revealed the identities of five Australian Survivor castaways who will be outwitting, outplaying and outlasting in attempts to be Australia’s second Sole Survivor.

Warning: If you intend to know nothing about the contestants until you watch the first episode, then stop reading and watch this fun Survivor’s funniest moments compilation video instead.

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, meet a handful of lucky Aussies you’re about to see twice a week on your TV screens!

Nicola ‘Ziggy’ Zagame – “The 26-year-old from Sydney won a Bronze medal as part of Australia’s Water Polo team at the 2012 London Olympics.”

Image: Nicola Zagame Twitter

Jacqui Patterson – A marriage celebrant and former trapeze artist who describes herself as “always upbeat, high energy, entertaining, quick witted and ready to make people laugh so hard they cry.” 

Jarrad Seng – A music and adventure photographer who seems to have travelled and experienced quite a bit!

tag a mate who's a giraffe 🍽🍹 snapchat: jarradseng (p.s. it's real 😊)

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Sarah Tilleke – An international fashion model who you might recognise from Foxtel modelling reality show The Face.


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Adam Parkin – an international poker player who is “expected to be a strong contestant with his ability to keep a straight face.”

Although Network Ten is yet to confirm the announcement, it’s interesting to see the direction casting directors have gone.

Similar to last season, it seems the castaways have been chosen with an emphasis on interesting job titles that may apply to the game with a variation of brains, brawn and beauty.

However, looking back at Survivor history, the way many US Survivor winners and legends have played has hardly anything to do with their professions.

We guess only time will tell to see how these newbies shape up!

Credit: Scoopla ~ 6/6/ 9:30