Almost one third of us have hidden financial secrets from our partners.

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Almost one third of us have hidden financial secrets from our partners.

The main thing we lie about is having a secret money stash according to the Canstar survey.
But many of us also lie about our personal debt or have an account we keep secret. Well, I must admit I cheated on my husband for years and years. Well, I just did not confess all my sins when it came to money. I had multiple secret cash stash piles and would sometimes even get out an extra $50 from the Coles checkout so as to hide my ‘bonuses’. And I still miss those Medicare cash rebate days.

Remember those simpler time, girls? Collecting Medicare reimbursements was like backing a winner in a horse race when that bit of extra money came into your life. I do not really know what I did with these extra cash injections but it felt good having them!

These days I have given up hiding my little stashes but they still exist. My hubby knows I am a bit like a squirrel: I like to sock away little bits each week in order to build up a big supply to get me through Winter, or in my case, to get me to the ball in fabulous shoes. I am that person who spends whatever they earn. I know for sure that I would spend every last cent no matter what I earned.

So I have to be really strict on myself and I currently have a travel account where my friend and I direct deposit $15 every week into an account of dreams and hopes that we pray will one day take our children to Paris to eat croissants and sip hot chocolates all day. Our children may be 33 when this eventuates! I have another little box where $10 is stuffed tightly into each week with the aim of buying a really lovely handbag. I know. Money does not buy happiness but a great handbag or pair of shoes can help shake away the bluest of moods.

Cinderella may not have met Prince Charming without those priceless glass slippers and a modern girl has to do the hard slog herself, as fairy godmothers’ are not thick on the ground. The problem with my cash box is that whenever I need tuckshop money or cash for something else I raid the box. So in 3 years I have managed to save the grand total of $400. But onwards I march. So what do you save up for? I also usually have a lay- buy going to chip away at bigger tickets items. And nothing makes me happier than placing our Christmas present lay-bye in September. I feel like I am Martha Stewart combined with The Bare Foot Investor. I feel really smug.

And while we are clearing the air I probably should tell my husband I haven’t been on our joint diet for weeks. I am guilty of cheating on that front too. I have been eating cheese late at night straight from the fridge door. Blue vein cheese to boot. And there are brand new cushions for the couch hidden in the boot of my car. End of confessions.



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