Can You Help Lisa?

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Can You Help Lisa?

Is it just me or do you wish the Fairy Godmother was a bit more available?

In her absence, I am wondering if you can help?

I usually stick to raising cash for big organisations but this involves a friend of mine.

Lisa was born with several holes in her heart, as a toddler, she developed juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and by the time she was at school she was in a wheelchair. Undeterred, Lisa was a super happy kid, with a massive smile and personality people were drawn to.

When Lisa was 13 she suffered a series of strokes.  From that day forward she was non-verbal.

I have known Lisa about 20 years.  Originally as a stylish young lady people were always thrilled to see when she entered a room.  Thanks to Facebook we became online friends and I learned Lisa is smart, funny, articulate and works tirelessly as a disability advocate

Lisa is also a single mum, to the most handsome loving and helpful little boy.

So, I hope you’ve got the picture.  A tiny, diligent, inspiring woman who puts up with more pain, frustration and struggle in one day than many of us will face in a lifetime.

Lisa desperately needs a car.  Before you turn away, let me assure you, she has got so close on her own, she deserves a bloody medal.

Lisa is almost through an undergrad degree in business, she holds two voluntary roles on committees and despite being on a disability support pension, she has saved half of what she needs to buy a car.  She only needs $13000 more to make it happen.  She is superwoman.

For now, Lisa and her son can only go places they can walk and wheel, which is a small circle in their neighbourhood.

Beyond that, they are restricted to taxis which are expensive or putting an old-fashioned manual pushchair into a family member’s car and being chauffeured.  That means relying on someone to drive and then push Lisa into the chair, which is painful for Lisa to sit in.

Lisa hates the fact her disability means barriers for her son.  They both love the beach and the bush, they love to go to the theatre and visit friends.  Those basic outings should not be so hard to achieve.

Everything is hard for Lisa to achieve.  Getting up every day is hard.  But she gets it done with a smile, usually in a very stylish outfit.

I don’t know how I’m going to raise this money.  In my dreams a fairy God person just takes charge, if that doesn’t happen, I am not giving up.
I’ll hold dinners at my house not stop harassing you until it’s done.

If you’d like to literally turn a life around for a deserving woman and her brave and resilient son, please give me a call.

– Caroline x


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