My Fan Girl Fail

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My Fan Girl Fail

It’s been a tough week. Have you ever had a fan-girl fail?

I was dissed, dismissed and left disheveled and devastated by one of my biggest girl crushes: Kerri-Anne Kennerley. KAK came to town dressed in a floor length canary yellow show stopper of a dress and the minute I spied her perfect blonde hair and manicured nails I made a mad bee- line to tell her I am her number one fan. I obviously came across a bit of a lunatic in my enthusiasm as security asked me to leave Kerri-Anne alone. Security, people!

I was a bit slow on the uptake a bit dazzled by Kerri-Anne and all her glory so instead of stepping away from the TV host I pulled out my phone to get a selfie. Well. It was as if I had pulled a gun on the president of the United States. Robocop security guy in the black suit once again looked at me and in a most stern voice said, “look, I will say it again: step away from the Kerri-Anne’.

The Kerri-Anne? What was happening? I tell you what wasn’t happening: I sure as hell was not getting a selfie with my ultimate mentor. KAK swished away in her vision of yellow and I was left surrounded by my girlfriends who thought my rejection was the funniest thing they have seen this year. It is fair to say I did not get an interview with the stunning journalist so I did something really dodgy: I pulled out my phone and recorded her best bits on stage. I need to share them because I love KAK’S outlook on life as she does things her way. Kerri-Anne proved those males wrong and did it wearing high heels and sequins. As the dame says herself: “You can still wear a party frock and be taken seriously.” Amen to that!

I think we are missing role models who have grit, brains, decorum, and an amazing work ethic and don’t mind a bit of fun. KAK ticks all those boxes. When asked about the tough times of late since her husband John fell off a golf club balcony and suffered spinal injuries and now needs around-the-clock care.

“Everybody goes through things,” said Kerri-Anne. “Everybody’s is just different what they go through. You have a choice how you handle life every minute, every hour and every day. And it does not mean it is easy as it is not. Our life changed and it is crap but it is our crap. We could wallow in self -pity for a long time and that feels good for a minute But it is heavy being down. It is heavy carrying those psychological and emotional burdens. So if you can actually err on the other side instead of walking through treacle or concrete you just can more easily can flow through.

It does not mean it is going to be easy but make a choice…do you want to be down low or up high. Some days you will be low and some days you will be high but you have to make a choice. No one is ever going to feel sorry for you they may tap you on the head and ask how you are doing but to be quite frank everybody gets on with their own life and you have to deal with yours”, the wise woman finished. I felt as if KAK was talking straight to me.

I approached her for a second time to tell her that we have so much in common and I feel we should be best friends. I think I startled the show biz queen and old Robocop was quick to pounce on me again. Left broken hearted I went home and sent an Instagram message to KAK explaining I am not a lunatic but I just love her. I am yet to hear a response. Oh dear!

– Sami xx

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