How do you know you are getting old?

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How do you know you are getting old?

Is it just me or has everyone turned into their parents?

This week my friend Justin told me he has bought spiked shoes to aerate his lawn. Just $14.99 apparently, the only downside is your family stands on the verandah filming you and kids ride their bikes past just to laugh.

Justin can’t pinpoint exactly when he turned into the next door neighbour from Dennis the Menace but the transition is complete.

This week I bought two new sponges.  They are really cute, they have writing on them and I have put them in the cupboard, saving them for good. That’s right, kitchen sponges.

My friend Lisa sent a group text recently that Aldi was selling Vanilla Fridge Spray.

John and I have taken to shopping together on a Saturday morning.  We go early to get a good park and after we do the groceries we buy a coffee and share a piece of cake.

I don’t have little kids and that means I could sleep in on weekends if I wanted to but I never do because that would be a waste, I want to make the most of my days.

Parking has become an issue for me.  I’d rather not go somewhere than fight for a car park.

When I read the celebrity pages of New Idea I rarely know who anyone is.  That bloke who made global headlines this week for flashing his bits on the red carpet?  Never heard of him.

I actually don’t mind classical music.  I’m no expert but if I accidently hit Classic FM in the car, I can listen for a while.

I really like hanging out washing.  I have a strict system, I like the silence and I love seeing clean washing floating in the breeze.  A couple of weeks ago I guerneyed the paving out the back and it was the greatest day of my life.

I saw the ads for the David Attenborough special last night and said to John, ‘I wouldn’t mind watching that.’

I secretly started watching ‘Call the Midwife’ during the day and have cried during every episode so far.

I don’t care if other people pass me on the motorway because I’m doing the speed limit.

I have shoes I know I will never wear again because they are just too damn high.

I am seriously thinking about buying hair rollers.

I am really happy to go to a bar but only if I know I’ll get a seat.

I would rather go to yoga than do just about anything else. I can’t remember the last time I had a hangover. I save alfoil.  I wear my hiking shoes to the shops.  I have had an actual conversation about vacuum cleaners.

And to be honest, I do appreciate a well aerated lawn.

Caroline xx

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