Mother’s Day will be extra special for many of us this year as Corona has us savouring our special moments in time.

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Mother’s Day will be extra special for many of us this year as Corona has us savouring our special moments in time.

Mother’s Day will be extra special for many of us this year as Corona has us savouring our special moments in time.  With less white noise our most valuable commodity (time) with loved ones seems to mean a whole lot more.  I think we have also been pouring more thought into how we will celebrate our family and friends with many of us getting creative in the past few months to mark special moments in time.

For those of you who have lost your mum or have lost babies I just want to say sorry. It can be a tough day.  Personally, I plan to be eating pizza in bed with my children.  It’s a new post Covid 19 tradition in our home and I am loving the carbs mixed with cuddles celebrations.   Today I am sharing advice from all my friend’s mums which is something I love doing every year because you simply cannot beat the collective wisdom, grace and kindness of classic mums.

I may not be able to see my mum who is 79 and self-isolating which breaks my heart because she is the matriarch of our family and a powerhouse of a woman.  My mum raised three kids pretty much by herself and taught us that blood is always thicker than water and to keep a secret stash of money (if my husband is reading this I don’t have one) which I have to this day. Happy mum’s day Mumsy – we will facetime you for lunch. Enjoy reading these gems from clever, funny and sage mums of all types.

Jessica’s mum cracked me up with her advice to her farm daughter that is: “Don’t ever learn how to milk the cow.”  Jess laments it is too late for this and is often stuck fixing the drain pipes in her house or mowing the lawn because she has proven time after time how capable she really is when it comes to jobs!
Rayma’s mum says: “Follow your heart.”
Sonia’s mum says: “Treat others as you would like to be treated.”
Tamara’s mum adds: “if you are going to do something do it properly.”
Trish’s mum says: “An hours sleep before midnight is worth more than two after midnight.”
Kylie’s mum chips in with: “There’s no such word as can’t” and “True friends are like diamonds, precious and rare.  False friends are like Autumn leaves, found everywhere.”
Stacey mum quips: “Never argue with a drunk.”
Bec’s mother adds: “There is a time and place for everything:  and “If you have to ask the price you cannot afford it.”
Lisa’s mum says: “If a man has sex with his socks on you will have a boy baby.”
Sally’s mum tells her: “Always keep your girlfriends as men come and go” and “Do not go to bed with wet hair or you will catch a cold.”
Simone’s wise mum adds: “Always wear clean underwear and put on a bit of a makeup because you never know who you are going to run into.”
Deb’s mum says: “Don’t waste your time worrying about things you can’t fix.”
Rachel’s mum says: “You can have it all just not all at once!”
Graham’s mum says: “Tuckshop will still be there tomorrow.”
Katrina’s special person says: “When in doubt ..don’t.”
Joy is a grandma and says: “Treat others as you like to be treated.”
Tiffany’s glorious mum adds: “Always leave a feather to fly” and “It’s either yes, or it’s a no.”
Caroline’s mum says: ‘Don’t wet your stomach when you’re doing the dishes – you’ll marry an alcoholic.”
Tania’s mother adds: “Never go back to a relationship you left as its never the same.”
Shannon’s mum can possibly see the future as for decades she has told her daughters: “Having toilet paper in the cupboard is like having money in the bank.”
Dee’s mum says: “There is nothing more powerful in the world than a smile.” And my personal favourite is Lisa’s mum who says: “Broken crayons still colour.”

Sami xx

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