What do you love about Christmas?

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What do you love about Christmas?

Is it just me or is everyone struggling to find their Christmas spirit this year?

I don’t know why, I have been to beautiful Christmas parties, the sun is shining and my tree is up. So why is my yuletide not gay?

This is my favourite time of the year. My dad was a massive fan of Christmas. We always had a houseful of people and the preparations, arrivals, champagne kisses and gift giving are an addiction I have never been able to shake. So I thought I’d write a quick list of all the things I love, to remind me (and you) why it’s the season to be jolly.

  1. Christmas lights. Ordinary people who create a high voltage wonderland just so little ones can feel the magic of Christmas.
  2. I saw a video of Santa stopping his Ford Festiva in the middle of an icy UK street this week to rescue a lady who had fallen over. Keep up the good work Santa, all over the world you and your helpers remind us to be a hero to kids.
  3. In December it’s everywhere and on Christmas Day you can have it for breakfast.
  4. Sally Skelton singing Away in a Manger at the Alex Carols on Sunday.
  5. Talking about food. Reading about food. Shopping for food. Eating food. Mangoes. Prawns. Christmas pudding with custard AND ice cream.
  6. The homemade kind and the Paul Kelly kind.
  7. Christmas decorations. I love how they look in my house, at the shops and draped around the till at the pub.
  8. Tim Minchin singing White Wine in the Sun. It’s actually banned in my house this year because Jemima is in London but I’ll play it when I need a cry.
  9. Hanging the reindeer decoration Milli made with a peg in grade one.
  10. Chris Rea singing Driving Home for Christmas. Thinking about the people I love who will make their way to me over the next week. And all the times I have made my way to them.
  11. Christmas Eve. When the presents are under the tree, you’ve cracked the ham for a bite to eat, the champagne is flowing and absolutely anything is possible.
  12. Kids’ faces. Either howling on Santa’s lap or wide eyed and grinning because ‘He came! He came!’ I love them all.
  13. The beach on Christmas morning. Shiny new boogie boards, fresh togs and dads wearing boardies and a Santa hat.
  14. Knowing that holidays are coming, I’ll have new books and there will definitely be afternoon naps.
  15. That unshakeable feeling that regardless of what you believe, Jesus was all about peace on earth and this time of the year is as close as we are ever going to get.

Caroline xx

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