What is the best response to a gift you hate?

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What is the best response to a gift you hate?

Is it just me or does everyone love giving and receiving presents?

I know Australia is going to spend 11 billion dollars this month buying things we don’t need but I don’t care, I still love it.

I promise I don’t overspend, we’re not incredibly extravagant and like most people in Australia there is almost nothing we need. But I love going out to the shops on a mission, I love finding the perfect thing and I love handing it over.

When my kids were little I would wrap anything and call it a Christmas present. Lunch box, pencil case, drink bottle, socks and pj’s. All part of the Christmas loot.

There would be one exciting present and a Christmas outfit. That was it. They probably thought Santa was a bit stingy but I never asked.

Last year the Philip Hancock book Organising Christmas suggested a four gift rule for children.

What they want.
What they need.
Something to wear.
Something to read.

In our family, we try for an experience rather than thing. Something memorable to do together.

I don’t always nail gift giving. I have given some absolute shockers over the years and there is nothing more depressing than seeing a child’s face fall when a gift is opened.

If I get something I don’t like or I already have, I always try to remember the spirit in which it was given. When buying a present people are not trying to annoy you, they generally buy what they think you would like in a price they can afford. Even that electric wine cooler John bought me a few years ago.

If someone doesn’t like what you give, the same rule applies. If you gave it in the right spirit then that’s all that matters. How it is received is their business.

I think this Christmas we should all do our best to be grateful. No matter how awful the gift. The posh people’s bible Tatler magazine has given some helpful suggestions to mask any yuletide disappointment, maybe we should start practicing them now.
How fun!
Oh wow- I saw this in a magazine!
This is too much!
Useful presents are the best…
I didn’t even know how much I wanted this until now.
Wait… are you psychic OR WHAT?
This can go with the one I already have!
I’m being so spoilt.
This is too generous – you must absolutely never get me a present again.
Here’s to you and yours at Christmastime.

See you in 2018.

Caroline xx

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