Smash Pit Giveaways


Smash Pit Giveaways

Smash it up all this week with Todd & Sami as they give away tickets to The Smash Pit in Nambour!

It’s Destruction Therapy or just plain fun, a unique adrenaline rush!

Be listening to Todd and Sami and if you’re the first person who can guess what they are smashing, you’ll win 1 of 5 Smash Pit Smashes!

Have you ever wanted to just smash that computer? Been tempted to throw a plate or two? Want an alternative approach to anger management? The Smash Pit is the place for you, whether it’s for therapy or just plain fun!  We provide the room, the cool (but functional) safety gear, music, crockery or electrical items to smash and of course, A BAT.

March Madness – $25 classic smashes this month only, more details:

Register here:

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