Todd & Sami’s Solid Gold Player of the Week

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Todd & Sami’s Solid Gold Player of the Week

Todd & Sami will be awarding one listener the “Todd & Sami’s Solid Gold Player of the Week” award.

From all the calls taken each week, Todd & Sami will pick one winner each Friday who will WIN an awesome $100 gift voucher to spend at Changing Habits…

Thanks to…. Changing Habits – offering education of nutirional health, sustainable ethical health food products, weight loss programs and much more.
Changing Habits redefining health.

At Changing Habits, we believe that everyone has a right to understand what makes food healthy.
We believe that when we know better, we eat better.
When we eat better, we live better.

And when we live better, we create a ripple effect that impact generations to come.
It’s why we remain committed to making only healthy, wholesome foods without the fancy marketing speak.
We do it because we believe we deserve to have confidence that the healthy foods we eat, should actually be what they say are — healthy.

Local Cyndi O’Meara is an internationally acclaimed nutritionist, author, documentary maker and founder of Changing Habits, an educational health and nutrition business. Located at 2/29 Premier Circuit Warana, Changing Habits is a trusted source of wholefood products.

Providing organic, chemical free, ethically sourced products ranging from pantry staples, natural cleaning products to lifestyle programs and education programs. Open 8am-4pm weekdays.

Visit their website for more info.

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