Todd & Sami’s Solid Gold Player of the Week

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Todd & Sami’s Solid Gold Player of the Week

Todd & Sami will be awarding one listener the “Todd & Sami’s Solid Gold Player of the Week” award.

From all the calls taken each week, Todd & Sami will pick one winner each Friday who will win a $100 voucher to Cenzo’s Café and Pizzeria in Cotton Tree.

All thanks to Cenzo’s Café & Pizzeria, find them on Facebook!

Cenzo’s Café & Pizzeria is a locally owned and operated business by Vince & Lisa Conte. We take immense pride in our business and strive to serve nothing but the best our customers. Cenzo’s aims to cater to many different varieties of taste, as well as dietary requirements serving a wide range of house made delights! We pride ourselves on quality and freshness – with produce arriving daily. All our pizza sauces are specially blended to create our own unique flavours and nothing leaves the kitchen unless we’re 100% happy with it first.


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