Todd & Sami’s Western or Adult Film

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Todd & Sami’s Western or Adult Film

Be listening to Todd & Sami every Wednesday when Todd will give a name of either a Western or an Adult Film, call in and guess which one it is. Get it correct and you could win a $200 voucher to Lonestar Kawana! A new $200 voucher to be won every week!

Lone Star Rib House is launching its ‘United Tastes of America’ menu across Australia on 21 May 2019. Prepare to indulge in a Rib Tower for 2, Triple burgers and even a little Louisiana gold dust!

Lone Star Rib House National Operations Manager Lee Cobb says “Our new menu has moved away from a strictly Texan style of cuisine and now incorporates flavours and dishes inspired from all over the U.S.A.”

“From Alabama to California we’ve developed dishes with flavour profiles that offer an integral link to their origin.”
“There’s also more shared plate options and a mouth-watering Starters line up that means you will have to remind yourself to leave room for your main course!” he said.

The United Tastes of America menu is available now.

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