Who will be the 92.7 Mix FM PASTA MASTER?

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Who will be the 92.7 Mix FM PASTA MASTER?

It’s a cook-off with more twists than Toddy’s Tagliatelle Ragu!

And the competition will be hotter than Caroline’s Chilli Casarecce.

Got a pasta creation that the Sunshine Cast will love?

Send us your recipe below, and you could be playing to be 92.7 Mix FM’s PASTA MASTER!

Saturday 16 November @ White’s IGA

The 2 most popular recipes will be chosen and the challenge will begin.

But not just Caroline vs Todd, but Mark & Caroline and their winning listener vs Todd & Sami and their winning listener.

It’ll be Radio Announcers against Announcers, Breakfast show vs Drive team, and listener battling listener as we find out who is the 92.7 MIX FM PASTA MASTER!

The two teams will set up at Whites IGA and go head to head to bring their recipe to life.

It’ll be a no holds barred winner takes all challenge as the people decide who is the 92.7 Mix FM PASTA MASTER!

Send Your Pasta Recipe

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