Listener Complaints

Do you want to make a complaint about something you’ve heard on the station?

To make a complaint, you must write to us by letter or submit your complaint in the online form below.

Please note that this form is to be used only for complaints made under the Commercial Radio Code of Practice. For general feedback please go to our Contact page.

Please note that this form is to be used only for complaints made under the Commercial Radio Code of Practice (Code).

In summary, complaints should:

  1. be made in writing by online form or letter;
  2. provide the complainant’s name and address;
  3. be sent to the Manager of the radio station;
  4. adequately identify the material broadcast and the nature of the complaint;
  5. be about a matter covered by the Code;
  6. be about a matter that the complainant has heard broadcast; and
  7. be received within 30 days of broadcast.

A complainant who is not satisfied with the response it receives from the station may refer the matter to the Australian Communications and Media Authority for resolution.

Under the Code, complaints relating to advertising, other than complaints under section 4 (identifiability of advertising material) and section 9 (gambling and betting odds), should be sent to the Advertising Standards Bureau –

Complaint Form:

Is your complaint about an advertisement other than a complaint under Section 4 (identifiabilty of advertising) or Section 10 (gambling and betting odds) of the Code?* :YesNo

If "Yes", your complaint should be made to the Advertising Standards Bureau

Do you assert that the station has broadcast matter which breaches the Code?* :YesNo

Code provision (if known):


Street Address / PO Box* :

Suburb / Town* :

State* :
Postcode* :

Telephone number:

Mobile number:

Age Range:

Do you make this complaint as a member, employee or representative of a business, organisation or other entity? :YesNo

Radio Station* :

Frequency (e.g. 85.2FM):

Date of Broadcast* :

Time of Broadcast:

Did you hear the Broadcast?* :

Are you making a complaint relating to privacy (provision 3.3 of the Code)?* :

How did your hear it?* :

If Other, please enter details:

Please describe a description of the material that you are complaining about below (minimum 25 words). The description must be sufficiently detailed to enable the station to understand the substance of your complaint.* :

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