A is for Alibi – Book Review

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A is for Alibi – Book Review

I’m on a crime spree – when I walk in to the next bookstore I want to be able to sidle up to the Crime section and know that I have sampled from every shelf.

Admittedly Sue Grafton just may take up an entire shelf…. I think she’s up to V in the alphabet and that makes the reading of A is for Alibi even better, as I know I have a whole series ahead of me!


Meet Kinsey, your usual ex-cop now private investigator, back in a time where there were no digital cameras, mobiles or internet… So that would make it early Eighties, not so long ago at all!

It’s a nose to the grindstone murder investigation. A widow, wrongly accused, has completed her sentence and hires Kinsey to find out exactly who did kill her husband, an unpleasant man by any account; a Divorce Attorney, control freak and serial philanderer.

I may be a little old fashioned, but I really enjoy a detective novel where the investigator has to do everything on foot, in person, and first hand.

A is for Alibi hints at professional relationships to come, and characters that require further exploration. What you will get is a complicated family story, quite a few skeletons, a lot of travelling, explanations and more unanswered questions as well as action, assassination attempts, poisonous shrubs, insurance fraud and a swim that’ll have you exhausted just reading about it.

Looking for something to bunk down with over the colder months?  This just may be the series that you’re looking for and A is for Alibi is the perfect start!

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Book Review by Jacq Ellem

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