Davina From ‘MAFS’ Has Reportedly Gone Into Hiding

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Davina From ‘MAFS’ Has Reportedly Gone Into Hiding

When Australia first met Davina, a bikini model from the Gold Coast, she was getting ready to marry Ryan, a tradie from New South Wales, on Married At First Sight.

She said from the very beginning that her dream guy would be relaxed, funny and just a down-to-earth true blue Aussie bloke and well, that’s exactly what she got!

Unfortunately, at her wedding reception, Davina was annoyed with Ryan because when he’s nervous, he talks A LOT and well, he was really nervous at his wedding to a complete stranger.

Getting my suit for the big day #mafs

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Davina told the camera that she was “p**sed” at him because he wouldn’t stop talking, but that now, after being on her honeymoon with him, he’s starting to grow on her… slowly.
Australia wasn’t happy with how Davina handled Ryan’s nerves at their wedding and that she wasn’t trying very hard to get to know him so, as we do these days, they released their frustrations on twitter and OK! magazine has reported that the negative comments have led the model to go into hiding.

The model’s friends were quick to jump to her side when Australia started to take aim at her for her comments, with her friend Gillain Goodwin jumping on Instagram to tell Channel Nine:

“You struck gold with this incredible woman and it is SO unfortunate that you wasted an opportunity to showcase a truly genuine beauty inside and out by strategically editing and typecasting her by going down a totally unoriginal stereotypical avenue that has been done time and time again on reality TV.”

Davina has now deleted all Married At First Sight pictures off of her Instagram page so clearly, something’s up…

Credit: Scoopla - February 9, 2018

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