Death in a Strange Country – Book Review

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Death in a Strange Country – Book Review

I think I prefer British Crime over American Crime… The novels that, I mean. So when Donna Leon’s Death in a Strange Country crossed my desk I was intrigued. I’ve read Bilal Parker with the crimes set in Egypt, the loveable Vish Puri in India, Inspector Singh in Malaysia and David Hewson’s novels set in Rome, but Venice… Venice has always captured my attention!

I devoured it.

Easily read, and it flows so well.

Brunetti is a Commissario of the Venice Police (the equivalent of a Commissioner or Police Inspector as I dredge up my rusty Italian) that is dignified in dealing with the overt corruption of his superiors, and accepting of the way that the bureauracy spins within itself.

You have a young man found in the canal, an American off the base, and so the investigation hits a wall… Several in fact. But Brunetti quietly, it seems, doggedly, keeps searching for answers.

I am a sucker for the poetry of the landscape, but Donna Leon also paints a masterpiece with this series. One stroke at a time, one layer at a time, so that the more you read, the deeper you go in discovering the characters and corruption within tales of crime and intrigue.

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Book Review by Jacq Ellem

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