Empress of Rome – Book Review

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Empress of Rome – Book Review

I’ve walked past this on the shelf many times. To me the cover spoke of an historical romance novel, and to a certain point it does encompass both. What it doesn’t indicate is the working Rome itself; from the lowly legionnaire to the Emperor and his conniving wife.

The story starts with Vix, an ex-gladiator who has spent 5 years in Britannia, returning to Rome to seek glory. What he finds is steady employment and the love of his Lord’s daughter who is slated to be the next Empress of Rome, should the current Empress have her way, before it falls apart and he joins the legions.

You’ll find entwined throughout the tale philosophies, political manoeuvrings and the occasional rip-roaring battle; as Emperor Trajan and the Eagle of Rome spreads its wings for dominance of its neighbours.

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the Empress of Rome ; I sat and read it in one sitting. The tale flows easily, so pick up a copy and try it for yourself. The beginning come across a little brutal in language and depiction, but the further you move in to it the more compulsive the read.

Empress of Rome doesn’t pontificate, it doesn’t lecture you on the history, and it is really a good balance of fact and fiction. Perfect for a cold evening, curled up by the fire.

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Book Review by Jacq Ellem

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