Ex-‘MAFS’ Star Confirms He’s Returning To The Show In 2018!

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Ex-‘MAFS’ Star Confirms He’s Returning To The Show In 2018!

A few weeks ago, it was just speculation, but now an ex-Married At First Sight star has confirmed that he’s coming back to the show this year to give love another shot!

John Robertson left the show quite early in 2017, when his TV wife Debbie, quickly dismissed him as she wanted a more specific guy.

Unfortunately, John and Debbie didn’t work out and were one of the first couples to call it quits but now, the father has decided to return to the series and see if he can find someone to love!

“I’m lucky enough to have another chance, and I’m very much looking forward to having another go at finding love.”

Although things didn’t quite go to plan last year, John is hopeful that this time around, he’ll find someone who gets him.

“All I ever was looking for was a spark and just someone down-to-earth, someone like me, some common interests, that’s all.”

He explained that finding love has been tough, but his two daughters have been supportive about him taking another opportunity to find love on the show.

“It’s not that easy to find your perfect match. It’s a tough ask.

“The older you get, the harder it is, but I thought it’s an opportunity, you know? You have to take those opportunities when they come.

“We talked over their reservations, and they said to me, ‘Dad, final decision is yours and we’ll support you,’ and that’s all I needed.”

We wish you the best of luck John!

Married At First Sight kicks off again on January 29 and hopefully, the experts have found someone perfect for him!

Credit: Scoopla - January 22, 2018

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