Is it just me or does everyone think abortion is a distressing reality of life?

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Is it just me or does everyone think abortion is a distressing reality of life?


Is it just me or does everyone think abortion is a distressing reality of life?

I have never needed an abortion but I know people who have, not one of them has made the decision lightly.

This week the Queensland parliament voted to make abortion legal until 22 weeks gestation, and thereafter with the approval of two doctors. Safe access zones will restrict protesters and people who harass women from coming within 150m of abortion clinics. Doctors will be allowed to refuse to treat a woman on moral grounds but are legally required to refer her to another medical practitioner.

When I was younger I felt more strongly about abortion, I thought every pregnancy was sacred.

I don’t think that anymore.  I know what it looks like when unwanted children are born.  I know there are physical and mental health issues, incidents of crime and occasions when a termination is required to save the life of another unborn child.

Most of all, I trust the mother.  A woman knows what is right for her and her unborn child.  That is the end of the argument.

After we spoke about the new laws on air yesterday I was contacted by a man who asked very respectfully why terminations can be as late as 22 weeks, when a child is almost viable.

I don’t know why.  The laws were drafted by Queensland’s Law Reform Commission.  The only thing I know is that 99 per cent of abortions in Queensland are performed before 20 weeks.

Even now it’s legal, late term abortions will be very hard to get.  Private clinics are unlikely to perform them, so the woman will have to find a large public hospital willing do it.  Which is not easy.

A 2017 study into the effects of abortion reform in Victoria found late term abortions have reduced since decriminalisation, probably because abortions are easier to access.

The other question I was asked was about the rights of men.  What right should they have over the unborn child?

It’s tricky and very personal but I guess the answer is exactly the same for men as it is for women. Men should have control over their own bodies. That is, every bloke needs to be responsible for his own sperm (I don’t know how to put it less bluntly.) Don’t impregnate women who don’t want your baby or have unprotected sex with women you can’t trust.  In the end, we can only be responsible for our own side of the transaction.

According to the Queensland Law Reform Commission, a total of 10,421 terminations were performed in Queensland in 2016.

It’s not a happy number and it is unlikely to change under the reforms but decriminialisation means ending the stigma and shame surrounding abortion, recognising finally, that women should have dominion over their own bodies.

Caroline xx

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