Kylie Jenner Has Commented On Pregnancy Rumours After ‘Baby Bump’ Photos Surface

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Kylie Jenner Has Commented On Pregnancy Rumours After ‘Baby Bump’ Photos Surface

New photos circulating around social media had fans convinced Kylie Jenner was indeed pregnant, forcing the reality star herself to address the rumours for the first time.

Fans have been watching Kylie Jenner like a hawk, picking up on any hint to determine if the reality star is pregnant.

The 20-year-old stepped out in yet another baggy outfit, however this time, the so-called baby bump looked to be making its paparazzi debut!

If you look a little closer though, you will notice that the photos look to be photoshopped; that is how obsessed people are with these rumours!

Kylie herself took to twitter to shut this one down.

“First of all if you’re going to photoshop my photos blogs/paps!! Check for the crooked lines in the background.2nd photo is clearly altered,” she wrote.

Although Kylie was quick to jump on the altered photos, she still hasn’t confirmed or denied her pregnancy.

The makeup mogul has been rumoured to be pregnant for over a month and during that time, hasn’t posted any full-length body photos in tight clothing or shut down the speculation, which are both very Kylie things to do.

Obviously Kylie doesn’t have to tell the world anything about her pregnancy whether she is or isn’t expecting, however, when Keeping Up With The Kardashians is literally about the family opening up their lives to viewers, it’s expected she will tell her followers eventually.

Credit: Scoopla - November 5, 2017

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