London – Book Review

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London – Book Review

This is a tome. A large book that when finished can be easily used as a handy step to reach the glasses on the top shelf in the kitchen; so don’t be put off.

London is a collation of snapshots of the great city’s story through the ages, starting in Roman times and ending in 1997.

The history is fascinating in itself, and Edward gives you enough of each family he follows sufficient character to be drawn in, but not enough to invest in them – this is, after all the tale of London, and the people play second fiddle to the Grand Dame.
I did have troubles trying to reconcile my knowledge and memories of London to those in the book, constantly, despite the obvious changes over time; though in fact this is also what drew me in deeper and deeper.

And I’m left, a little bereft after finishing it, wanting to put all those stories brought to life, into the settings so gloriously described.

While I didn’t find London as compelling as Sarum,  I think you’ll find this a wonderful way of a rich and colourful history being put forward in an easy and palatable medium. Not to mention the kudos you get for having read such a large novel!

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Book Review by Jacq Ellem

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