Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand – Book Review

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Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand – Book Review

Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand is quintessentially English.  It’s charming, and simply delightful, and a story that will leave you smiling at the whimsy and a dry sense of humour that really does tickle.

Major Pettigrew is 68, a widower, recently retired and ensconced in the small village of Edgecombe St Mary, and you’ll find yourself captured by that small town within pages of starting.

It’s all about decorum, proper behaviour, and good cup of tea; but don’t be fooled into thinking that this is a slow read. After all you have the local ladies of the village who scheme at committees and matchmaking, there are great friendships on show, relationships, courtships and mischief. Add in a horrid self-absorbed son and the quiet and intelligent village shopkeeper Mrs Ali and you’re in for a real treat.

Major Pettigrew is a defender of traditional values, a man of routine, however when bereaved of his younger brother and united in a love of Kipling with Mrs Ali, routine is more than disturbed and you get a tale of generous landscape and the philosophy of second chances.

This one goes on my ‘to re-read’ pile.

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Book Review by Jacq Ellem

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