Rip Tide – Book Review

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Rip Tide – Book Review

Have you come across Stella Rimington before?

If you’re a fan of Crime Fiction, Thriller, Action, or like me, you’re a compulsive reader, you simply cannot go past adding one of her books to your collection.

And there are a few. I started with the first then jumped in at the sixth. And while I may have missed some of the back stories alluded to in Rip Tide, it does well as a stand-alone novel.

You have pirates attacking off Somalia, a NGO in Athens run by ex-CIA, and so many layers of truth and lies it’s hard to fathom which is which.

Then there’s the issue of home grown terrorists, and a level of detail that could only come from Stella as the former Head of MI5.

So when you get pulled in, you know that while it may be fiction – there is more truth in the details than any other author could give you.

And as an aside, while I do love my e-reader, this isn’t formatted well – I could only put up with it for a few pages before I nipped down to my favourite bookshop and bought a hard copy.

Rip Tide is a fantastical tale, which appeals because of the possibilities it offers: An insight in to an unknown world, articulated by a worthy storyteller makes it another compelling read.

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Book Review by Jacq Ellem

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