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Rise Above It

Rise Above It, saving lives with their Suicide Prevention Book ‘I’m Not OK! W. T. F do I do now?’

The founder of Rise Above It, Marilyn “Maz” Schirmer, spent the first 30 years of her life trapped in cycles of domestic violence and sexual abuse. At 31 years old, as a single mother of 4, she experienced a sudden ‘wake-up call’ that turned her life around and broke the cycle for good. Maz has since dedicated her life to helping others through developing resources and innovative human-behavioural change programs. As the founder of the prestigious Coach Training company Global Transformatrix® and Institute of Women International, she became #1 in a fortune 500 company, trained 10 thousand people a year and taught leaders in 6 countries over a period of 23 years, she still holds those records to this day!

When Maz launched Rise Above It, the people she’d helped to overcome their tough times rallied together to help. They are now the people helping the people and sharing her life changing tools with those who are stuck in the dark.

Rise Above It is about educating everyone on how to take care of and navigate their own headspace for mental and emotional resilience and an improved outlook on life. Starting from kindergarten and schools through to teenagers and adults of all ages the charity has developed education, awareness and personal growth programmes ready to roll out across Australia.
Their resources are created by everyday people who have turned their lives around and want others to learn how they can help themselves to get their fighting spirit back.
“This is a fresh perspective in an otherwise gloomy climate where fear, anxiety and depression are becoming normal, but not on our watch, we are your fight squad!” Says Maz.
Suicide statistics are rapidly rising and we are all encouraged to ask others if they are OK. However, is it fair that everyday people end up feeling responsible and carrying the burden if someone says they are not OK and where that leads?

Rise Above Its’ suicide prevention resource book will give anyone the confidence to ask others if they are OK…because help will be in their pocket!

‘I’m not OK! W. T. F. Do I do now?’ Is written in simple layman’s terms for teens through to the elderly. It is full of practical tools, motivation and education to help those who feel like giving up, to find their fight again and break the cycle for good. This Amazon best seller has already saved many lives as it literally changes your headspace as you read it. (please note W.T.F stands for WORTH THE FIGHT!)

Everyone needs a copy of this life saving book to hand out to someone who is not OK!

Maz says “Everyone DESERVE HAPPINESS regardless of their circumstances, that’s not to take away the severity of their pain, no way, that’s to say, YOU’RE WORTH THE FIGHT and AS YOUR FIGHT SQUAD we’re here to help you in a very practical way! We’re KEEPING IT SIMPLE, KEEPING IT REAL, RAW, HONEST and WITH LOVE. We are the people bringing hope back to the people with compassion, education and inspiration, because we have been there!”.

There are several ways you can support Rise Above It and join the people helping the people:

– Purchase the I’M NOT OK! W. T. F do I do now book to hand out to those in need
– Donate to help fund book printing and mental health programmes being rolled out across Australia
– Become an Ambassador or Sponsor

You can do all of the above on their website: https://www.riseaboveit.org.au/
Join the people helping the people and save lives with Rise Above it, because we are all worth the fight!

If you would like to contact the Rise Above It team, please email rise@riseaboveit.org.au

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