Some important ways in which music impacts your mind

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Some important ways in which music impacts your mind

The impact of music on human mind has been a subject of interest for many centuries now. Many researches have been conducted on how music impacts the mental and physical well-being of human beings. All these studies concluded that hearing the right type of music can have a major positive effect on human mind. It can even heal certain ailments. Out of the different forms of music, it is the Indian classical music that was found to have the most healing power. On the other hand, listening to certain music types can have an adverse impact on your body and mind too. For instance, loud music can make you eat junk food, thus increasing your waistline, and causing many other health problems. Let’s go over a few important ways in which music can impact your mind.


Helps overcoming anxiety

Any feeling of uncertainty or fear which takes over your mind can be referred to as anxiety. This feeling is usually related to an upcoming event, with an unknown outcome. It’s the possible result that is the reason of worry and fear. Increased levels of stress and anxiety can result in insomnia. And feeling anxious for prolonged periods can even lead to various anxiety-related disorders. However, music can be of great help in this regard. Listening to soothing music can calm your nerves and mind. For instance, here’s a song that promises to reduce your anxiety level in less than 10 minutes! There are many gems like this out there. Flat musical notes in specific can help induce sleep.

Helps fight depression

Anyone feeling inadequate, gloomy or depressed should listen to soothing music for relief. Depression hampers brain activity and makes one unable to plan and carry out different tasks. It is usually the deficiency of serotonin (a neurotransmitter) to that leads to a depressed mind. Listening to soothing musical notes can help improve the serotonin levels in the brain, thereby providing relief from mental depression. Here’s a report on how music therapy may help ease depression. Music related to the nature can make your mind more alert as well as peaceful.


Improves creativity, decision-making ability and overall mood

Music plays a significant role in improving creativity of an individual. It impacts the right side of the brain in a major positive way. Listening to classical music in particular triggers various brain centres that are to do with creativity enhancement. On the other hand, music improves the abstract and spatial reasoning skills as well. All such skills are critical in solving puzzles, tackling problems and taking important decisions. Music has a direct impact on one’s mood too. Walk into any shopping mall, restaurant or bookstore and you would often hear some music constantly playing in the background.


The type of music all these places play depends entirely on the people they want to target. Music is well known to enhance customer experience. While the music played in restaurants and malls peps up people’s mood, making them spend more on shopping or eating, music played in a bookstore would unknowingly target your certain senses, making you want to take a book and find a cozy corner to read!



September 4, 2018

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