Stan Walker Releases Emotional Trailer For Documentary Following His Life-Threatening Illness

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Stan Walker Releases Emotional Trailer For Documentary Following His Life-Threatening Illness

‘What if I die?’

Former Australian Idol winner, Stan Walker, has released the first trailer for an upcoming documentary feature following his serious health issues and the emotional impact it’s had on him and his family.

The first clip for Stan shows the 27-year-old struggling with an unidentified illness which will see him undergo a complicated operation.

“They’re all expecting me to get up and walk around, but I’m scared,” he admits before later asking “what if there’s complication and I die?”

Stan’s gaunt appearance has been a talking point amongst concerned fans in recent months, and this is the musician’s way of opening up about what’s been going on, as well as drawing attention to the illness.

So… The past nine months have been a life changing journey full of ups & downs to say the least lol. As an artist I like to make every situation a creative experience no matter how sh*t it is… There is always much beauty to be found in heart ache, loss, pain, trials, tribulations & even sickness. I have stayed quiet for a while, I’ve sat back and let many people talk. I’ve watched assumptions be turned into facts. But soon i will show you guys whats really been happening… What I will say now is that I have alot to share with you all & I have something special to show you soon 😏😏😏 This thing we call life has taken me to places I would never have expected. I cant wait to share this next chapter with you all. The journey that I’ve been on. Whatever you may have heard, I’m telling you now, you STILL know nothing! I will share with you all very soon what has been happening… until then, if it does not come from me, then it ain’t a thing. Stay tuned. ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

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Stan’s mother also features in the clip, with an emphasis on how hard this has all been for her.

“It’s been hard for my mum, she cries every day and she blames herself too,” Stan explains.

This Sunday night 8:40pm on @threenewzealand watch my doco “Stan”. I bet half the people thinking i was on crack or whatever y’all were saying are feel pretty dumb right now 😂😂😂 Ah well, we are all know it alls sometimes & just make up stories 😂😂😂 its allgood. This is bigger than all the talkers talking. It’s bigger than me. Its bigger than whats happened & is happening to me. There is always someone worse off going through alot worse. All im gonna say is that im blessed to be alive & well. God is good & ive been blessed with a back bone of whanau & friends that go through the highs & the lowest of lows with me. So yeah just have a watch this Sunday. Australia still tbc but soon though 😘✊🏾 @nzonair

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The documentary will be airing tonight on New Zealand television and is coming soon to Australian screens.

Credit: Scoopla - March 23, 2018

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