The Last Runaway – Book Review

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The Last Runaway – Book Review

I remember the revelation of reading Girl with a Pearl Earring and being so immersed in the story the real world faded almost completely. Not all of her books have accomplished this since until The Last Runaway.

It could be all the references to quilting, a craft my Mother and Grandmother held dear; and you’ll find that after reading Tracy’s work, ‘Mum’ becomes ‘Mother’, and ‘yeah’ becomes ‘yes’ once again.

This time you’re drawn into the journey of a young Quaker, Honor Bright, as she sets off with her sister from Dorset to meet her sister’s soon to be husband in Ohio.

Such is the power of the writing that I felt queasy reading about the sea voyage and then felt the dust in my mouth from the overland trek. 1850 is not a pretty time in America, but the real tale is in the people who thought differently to the norm.

The Last Runaway, through Honor’s eyes, takes in such a small sample of social, religious and political views surrounding the Underground Railway: A secret network of people who helped slaves from the South find their way North to freedom.

I would have liked more of that story, but it’s almost peripheral to a tale of finding your feet, and standing still when it is so much easier to move on.

What would you do?

Me? I stayed still long enough to read avidly to the end.

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Book Review by Jacq Ellem

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