The Seamstress – Book Review

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The Seamstress – Book Review

I’ll just read a couple of pages I told myself… And put the book down 300 pages later.

You’ll start out in Madrid, and then flee with Sira to Morocco and back. All the while the world is in turmoil, being 1935, and so is her life. A seamstress of ordinary beginnings, Sira’s tale is one of an incredible journey, following one man for love and the finding herself thrown in to the midst of the rich, the daring, the political and the deadly.

It’s a beautiful story, without being too soppy or sappy, about love and betrayal, strength, courage and loyalty. There is of course mystery, civil war, world war, amazing costumes, planes, trains, cars and chases.

But the success of this story is in that Maria Duenas is a real storyteller.

This is not just a novel to read, it’s one to immerse yourself in, to look up and wonder at the fact you’re ensconced in your favourite chair and not at a windowsill overlooking the heat and bustle of a souq.

The Seamstress is captivating and thoroughly enjoyable.

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Book Review by Jacq Ellem

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