The Unlucky Lottery – Book Review

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The Unlucky Lottery – Book Review

The sorrow that comes with any joy, and another intriguing story by Swedish Crime Writer Håkan Nesser. To tell you the truth I only read it because I’ve found this new series, I’m desperate to start the new book The G File, and I’m determined to read them in order this time, however, surprisingly, Unlucky Lottery really stood out.

Four old men, friends, have won a little bit of money. Nothing big, but enough to warrant a new tie and a slap up meal. They say their farewells and in the morning one is found murdered, one hasn’t shown up at all, then another person, completely unrelated goes missing.

You’re spun around and round trying to figure out who did it, because you won’t believe the first confession.

Possible… Yes.

Plausible… No.

It echoes the stories we see in the paper, of a seemingly ordinary life, hiding deeper and darker secrets. It also tells you that you don’t always have to jump to the last and worst conclusion.

A great read for the plane and the only time I’ve ever been happy about a delay in Sydney. I just had to finish it and find out who… Bet you never guess!

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Book Review by Jacq Ellem

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