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Come support Todd and Sami, alongside riders from the Australian Cycling Academy as they take part in Heels on Wheels for Montrose Therapy. Across 6 hours Todd and Sami will be completing 6 sponsored rides on behalf of some of the Sunshine Coasts most generous businesses.

Time: 12pm – 6pm. Broadcasting live from 3pm – 6pm.
Where: Sunshine Plaza Carpark. Lot 38 – just off Southern Drive.

How YOU can be a part of Heels in Wheels.

Please contact MIX FM reception on 5479 8333 or email for sponsorship enquiries.

To find out more about Montrose Therapy and the great work they do, click here:

About Montrose on the Sunshine Coast

– Montrose was established in 1933 and has had a centre on the Sunshine Coast for 21 years. We now support over 200 clients and their families on the Sunshine Coast.

– We provide Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Pathology to children with a wide range of needs and conditions. This includes physical disabilities, neuromuscular conditions, developmental delay and autism.

– Our therapists work together to help our young clients meet their goals and also to support their families. The right therapy and support can make a huge difference in the lives of children – ensuring they can participate at school or kindy, play with friends or siblings and maximize their abilities.

– Early therapy is vital for many disabilities and conditions. Montrose often provides support for children before any official funding is in place and where there are gaps.

– Money raised will support Montrose including an innovative alternate stimulation room and outdoor sensory play space at our Maroochydore Centre.

– Montrose is providing support to an increasing number of children who have altered sensory requirements. Many of these children struggle to engage with therapy due to sensory seeking or sensory avoiding behaviours. A dedicated room and outdoor area that can provide the required stimulation to meet their needs, will greatly enhance therapy outcomes for these children.

More about sensory needs
Sensory needs or issues occur when children have trouble receiving and responding to information from their senses. Children with sensory issues may have find it hard to cope with anything that triggers their senses, including sound, light touch, taste, or smell. Sometimes, children can be under-sensitive and need very specific stimulations to respond.

More about the Project
Most children with sensory needs benefit from weekly or fortnightly therapy. Sensory equipment can benefit children in a way that improves their ability to engage in therapy, essentially enhancing the therapy provided.

Examples of how the sensory room would be used:
The space will have items that can be taken in and out of the room, allowing the room to be equipped specifically for different clients’ needs according to their different sensory preferences. Example:

– A child who is visually overwhelmed would benefit from an item (e.g. swing) to be placed in a room with nothing in it. Allowing them to maintain attention on playing with the swing and therapists. Therapists can focus on achieving social, communication or regulation goals with just the use of a swing. Too many objects may be the child can be distracted and explore all aspects of the sensory room.

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