Is it just me or does everyone think it’s time to have the Christmas talk?

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Is it just me or does everyone think it’s time to have the Christmas talk?

This can be a tough time of year.

There’s a lot of real cheer out there but there’s people smiling through pain too.

I am very lucky. I have a large family and I married into a larger family.  We have our little dramas and we have faced tragedy but there is plenty of love to go around and Christmas is a time to celebrate.

All families are different.

Some families have lots of money and Christmas is all about presents and holidays, never about bills.

Some families aren’t keen on Santa.  They don’t want Christmas to be about material things.

Some families wear co-ordinated pyjamas on their Christmas cards.

Some families are just two people and they will spend the day together eating chocolate and watching movies.

Some families have just lost someone they love and are doing their best to smile through grief.

Some families have a brand new baby and the miracle of Christmas has never felt more real.

Some families think it’s better not to see each other on Christmas Day.

While some families will spend all day together, at the beach, having lunch, in the pool and finally falling asleep in a messy overcrowded loungeroom with the Christmas tree still blinking in the corner.

Every family has their thing.

No matter what type of family you are, only one thing matters.  That you are kind.

That means being generous at Christmas.  Don’t spend more on yourself than you do on your sister. Invite everyone for lunch, even the uncle that no one wants to get stuck with.

Be the family that doesn’t care what other people are up to. It’s fun to check Facebook on Christmas Day and see your friends smiling with their family and bragging about how good their ham looks. But you’ve been doing Christmas your way your whole life, don’t stress about getting a pic.

Be the family that cares about the world around them but puts each other first.

Be the family that doesn’t get upset about presents.  If someone gets it wrong because they misunderstood what you wanted, were struggling the find the cash, or even if they are genuinely thoughtless or mean, just keep on trucking.

It’s not your last Christmas nor your last chance to get that thing you want.  The shops will open on Boxing Day and if you really need it, it will happen.  Don’t let tight ass Santa ruin your day.

Be the family that helps.  Especially if you are at someone else’s house for lunch.  Tell your kids to take up their plates and remember to say thanks.

No matter what type of family you come from, you are perfect just the way you are.

And it’s just another day.

Caroline xx

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