Spring Rolls & Lift Rides

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Spring Rolls & Lift Rides

What is your relationship with making a New Year’s Resolution? I do not bother most years because I am rubbish at keeping them!

Last year I embraced a word for 2020 and it was ‘Vision’. I thought the year would teach me all sorts of lessons as I tried to have clearer clarity when it came to friendships and relationships and my own approach to work and family. The year went nothing to plan of course thanks to COVID-19, and 2020 could have been called “Glen 20” because it was full of pesty stuff. I am not sure my word was fitting or not in the end, but I do love that Ralph Waldo Emerson quote about “The years teach us much, which the days never knew.”

So, this year I am not having a resolution to break or beat myself up over because I am probably not destined to lose weight or clean out my super messy bottom kitchen draws. Instead, I am going to try to live by the sayings “Ride the lift more often” and “eat more spring rolls.”

My friend sent me an unexpected text thanking me for getting in the lift six months ago to check if she was okay as she had been crying at work. It obviously meant so much to her and I replied to her that she had often got in my lift in a metaphoric way. We are all in this together right and checking on each other as we go up and down in life is a huge part of humanity.

This is the same lift we all use at work and it is the direct path to heaven: spring rolls! Our local Vietnamese take away shop makes the most delicious pork spring rolls. They are life changing. They are a hug for your soul. Money cannot buy you happiness, but it can fill your belly with hot springies.

Another friend and I at work have talked about having lunch together for two years. Two whole years! So, there is a lesson in my rave today: ride the lift more often and eat more spring rolls in 2021.

And yet again I will quote Emerson as he famously said: “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” I get it.

May more spring rolls and more time with friends and family lie within you in 2021.

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