Sam’s Pool Auction July 1st!

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For Auction Friday 1st July!

Thanks to Narellan Pools, one Sunshine Coast family is going to have a new pool, with construction starting THIS AUGUST!

It’s hard enough for any business to give that commitment in the current building environment, but in the pool industry, it’s almost unheard of!

Then again, you haven’t met Sam’s parents, Mark & Tanya Martin.

The Package

The auction will be for a $47,000 pool package.

The winning bidder will be able to choose any style, size & colour of their choice, subject to the Auction Prize Terms & Conditions below.

Will it work at my home?

We’d encourage people that are interested in bidding on the pool package to contact Narellan Pools beforehand to see if it suits their property.

Please use the contact form at 

How do we Bid?

Join Mark & Caroline for breakfast from 5.30am Friday 1st July.

And remember to dig deep, just like Narellan Pools!

Auction Prize Terms & Conditions

  • The Auction Prize is a Narellan Pool 7m Model installed as per attached Standard Inclusions**.
  • Auction Prize is offered for installation commencing in August 2022.
  • Should the Auction Winner request the pool to be built at a time other than August 2022 then the balance between the Auction Prize and the Retail Price for the time of construction is payable by the Auction Winner to Narellan Pools.
  • If the Auction Winner requires a pool smaller than the Auction Prize, no credit will be provided.
  • If the Auction Winner has received a quote from Narellan Pools within 30 days of the Auction and their pool quote is of a lesser value than the Auction Prize there will be no credit provided.
  • If the Auction Winner has received a quote from Narellan Pools within 30 days of the Auction with their quote having additional works ie paving and fencing, no additional works will be completed as part of the Auction Prize.
  • If the Auction Winner requires a larger pool than the Auction Prize, the Auction Winner is to pay the Retail Price between the Auction Prize and their pool model of choice to Narellan Pools.
  • Auction Prize offered subject to Site Inspection.
  • Auction Prize based upon 4m clear and level access to the construction site directly through the Auction Winner’s property.
  • Auction Prize offered with standard building approvals only, i.e. not BOI, siting relaxations etc.

** Download Narellan Pools Standard Inclusions

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