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6 Things You Didn’t Know About Lyndon

Best Concert Experience:

Look I’m really fussy when it comes to seeing like music… I only really like seeing artists that I’m passionate about… John Legend, Jamie Cullum & Sarah McLachlan.

The 1 Moment I’ll Never Forget:

I will always cherish the day when I was priveliged enough to meet my sponsored child in Sri Lanka, although there was a language barrier, it was an overwhelming moment when you make that connection.

What do I do when I’m not listening to music?

Admitedly music is my life… where would we be without it? Possibly enjoying a fish curry somewhere with aglass or two of Sav Blanc… with friends of course… haha!

3 people I would like to invite to dinner?

Nelson Mandela, Tim Costello CEO World Vision Australia, Jamie Durie.

Ford or Holden?

Sorry guys I’m with VW on this one… but why am I gonna beed the heated seats and side mirrors here on the Sunshine Coast…? lol

The 1 thing on my Bucket List?

Having been fortunate enough to have travelled several times to South East Asia, I love the food, culture and lifestyle, yet to travel anywehre in Africa… but I would like to have the opportunity and time to perhaps travel and do some volunteer work in a developing country.