Are you a lucky person?

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Are you a lucky person?

Are you a lucky person? I am that girl who never wins the meat tray in the raffle.

I have never won more than $2 from a scratchie. And if just one poor sod is going to get food poisoning from a party, it is probably going to be me. But my luck has changed in a dramatic way. Apart from somehow bagging my husband, and having my beautiful kids, the best thing ever is about to happen to me.
Work is sending me to London to cover the royal wedding for the radio.
Yes: our Harry!
Yes: the actress from Suits!
Yes: that wedding!
And yes, even the thought of flying for 24 hours surviving on red wine, Panadol and re-runs of Gilmore Girls in a seat the rough size of a chicken coup is not putting me off the grand adventure ahead. I am giddy with excitement.

I have indeed already packed my boots and coat and scarf and I am hoping there is a chill in the British air as I plan to sip lots of tea and eat lots of battered fish and chips and do every touristy thing one can do when one is in London. I am not packing too much either as I also plan to buy lots of royal wedding souvenir coffee cups and tea towels. And yes, I am serious. Work has picked the right royal reporter to cover this story. I keep thinking my boss has possibly confused me with a far superior employee who works longer hours and deserves to go abroad.

But that is that trap door working against us in our minds that so many women allow to sabotage ourselves called ‘insecurity’. So I am taking this gift and running with it to the international airport.

I know the royal family brings out the cynicism when it comes to our Republic fans. But I think even the staunchest supporters of our great country being a republic may share a tiny smile for Harry the day he marries Meghan Markle. I mean everyone loves Harry, don’t they? Guys want to be him and lead his wild nude life partying in Los Vegas and girls around the world have fallen for his larrikin ways and that disarming charm of his. He is the little rebel brother who has been allowed to not completely conform to the rules and regulations of royal life.

I like the monarchy. I think they are the original Kardashians. I also think Australia does not need the United Kingdom now as we are a progressive and forward-thinking country. We have outgrown our motherland in many ways. But our history is forever bound in the simple fact we were convicts who were thrown out of the United Kingdom. Thank God. I would take fresh prawns and white beach sand any day over mist and marshlands. But each to their own.
So girls start planning your festivities to watch and listen to the wedding on May 19th.

I feel there will be many parties going on all over the Coast. I will be lining a London street trying to catch a glimpse of that little boy who walked behind his mother’s hearse 20 years ago. I will have a tear or a dozen there is no doubt. And Harry will no doubt be beaming with happiness and pride as Diana looks down upon one of her two finest achievements: her sons.

Sami xx

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