Feliz Navidad for Foodies!

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Feliz Navidad for Foodies!

Sick of socks, jocks and boxes of chocolate as gifts? Tired of tea towels, candles, and fridge magnets? Well, may I present you with the ultimate Christmas gift that money cannot buy?

When you think of Christmas food, forget ham, turkey, and prawns. Nothing is better in our hot Sunshine Coast conditions than a bit of Mexican food. Stay with the crazy lady here because I am about to gift you the brand new and world first recipe for the 21- layer Mexican dip. Queue the Spanish Flea music and the Mariachi band. You are welcome!

Everyone will be begging you to bring this 21- layered masterpiece and calling you a gastronomic genius. Anyone and everyone boasts a kick-butt recipe for a 7- layer dip. And the 7- layer dip deserves recognition for being amazing. But you know this new version is 3 times as good, and 3 times the size. And I should mention the guy I work with (Todd) and I have long wanted to create a 21-layer dip, but it was Kim McCosker from 4 Ingredients fame who made all our wishes come true. The best- selling author is the mastermind behind the recipe. My advice is following her recipe, including the edible nasturtiums, because when she presented it I swear 21 angels came down from the sky and it was as if time stood still as she held aloft this magical Mexican treat.  And thanks to Kim for not following your regular rules of just 4 ingredients in every recipe. Here it is people:

  1. Refried beans
  2. Salsa
  3. Sour cream
  4. Mashed avocado
  5. Black beans
  6. Lime juice (yes, it IS a layer!)
  7. Corn Kernels
  8. Diced tomatoes
  9. Grated carrot
  10. Shallots
  11. Jalapenos, finely chopped
  12. Finely shredded ice-berg lettuce
  13. Grated cheddar cheese
  14. Coriander
  15. Chili flakes
  16. Crushed corn chips
  17. Slow cooked shredded beef
  18. Parsley
  19. Chives
  20. Micro-greens
  21. Edible geraniums

And as a final gift to you to say thanks for being my buddy in these glorious pages all year, I have 3 of the best jokes to fit the Mexican dip theme. Consider them your jokes now.

  1. What can’t you trust a taco chef? Because they will spill the beans.
  2. What type of toppings does a duck want on its nacho? Quack-amole
  3. I poisoned my husband’s pita dip. The police charged me with hummus-cide.

Merry Christmas everyone.

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