Free Holiday Activities

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Free Holiday Activities

So school is nearly out for most of the students on the Coast.  My brood is tired and emotional. So am I in fact! It is a time of year filled with tears and laughter and parties and goodbyes to special teachers and friends and lots of different feelings for both big and little people to get their head and hearts around.
I cannot believe it is the end of yet another year that seemed to fly by at the speed of light.  I love the holidays.  I love not having to be anywhere at a certain time because we live our lives having to be somewhere that we are never on time to anyway.

I love watching the kids stay in their pyjamas all day and eat fish fingers for lunch.  I love the fact it is getting dark so much later and you can stay at the beach and watch the sky turn gold before the blanket of stars settles above another night in balmy paradise. We all need a recharge.  I do. So I am here to hopefully inspire you today with some free ideas to keep the monkeys entertained.

Tip number 1 is to use the local libraries.  Our libraries have so many free workshops and courses and resources inside their walls it is mind- boggling.  Gone are the days of quiet places where you had to walk around in silence.  Libraries are funky hubs of communication with cutting edge technology that kids of all ages absolutely love.

Tip 2 is to make a treasure hunt and visit each of the 10 ‘Story Seats’ in the region if you have little kids.  Each location is in one of the best parks in the region and has a beautiful bench with the name of one of 10 children’s book on it and is designed for you to sit with your family and read and sing and play games.  While in town why not check out each of the locations stretching from Currimundi to Kenilworth and up the Range.  It is a great way to see our backyard.

Tip 3 is to check out the art programs held by Council.  These classes are world class and just beautiful and suit most ages.  Head to the Council’s website and look for the ‘kids’ tab to find out more.

Tip 4 is all about lights, camera and action down on the sand at Mooloolaba as the Summer Beach Movie Series continues.  We are all invited by Council to enjoy free movies under the stars. I have a date with Hugh Jackman on January 5 with ‘The Greatest Showman’ screening.

Tip 5 is to just soak up nature and turn off our devices.  Sounds easier than it is. We have waterfalls, mountain ranges, rivers, beaches and lakes that are all breathtakingly beautiful and will replenish and restore the soul after a busy year of school and sports.

Tip 6 is to hit the shopping centres as many of them have free school holiday activities.  This one can be tricky if you are trying to not spend money but the air conditioning is an added bonus.

Tip 7 is to listen to the local radio stations and find out if they are broadcasting at a location.  I am not telling you this because I work at Mix FM (although I do like it if people visit because it keeps me in a job) but I tell you because there are often free face painters/jumping castles/prizes/balloon artists/drinks and other goodies on offer. And most radio stations put on a free sausage sizzle where other places charge $2.50 and you know what?

My radio station is still serving sausages on bread WITH onion on top.  Perhaps this is the greatest Christmas gift of all.  You are welcome.


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