Have your tissue boxes ready for the rest of the year

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Have your tissue boxes ready for the rest of the year

Fandom is a bumpy road to travel when it comes to our favourite movies and TV shows. Have your tissue boxes ready for the rest of the year people.

There are a lot of emotions when it comes to screen viewing at the moment. As if it was not bad enough having to deal with Game Of Thrones ending, Star Wars will also create history at the conclusion of the trilogy come December.

I am already praying Princess Leia somehow survives despite the fact in real life Carrie Fisher has gone to a galaxy far far away. The Avengers End Game has also been a game changer as a final of the first major era of the series and by saying goodbye to many of the much-loved super hero characters. It is hard to let go of our friends and heroes who we count on to save the day.
But perhaps farewell forever is better than a really bad resurrection. I am trying to compute the fact that Four Weddings and a Funeral is being adapted for a highly anticipated TV series coming this year. Some things should just be left as a nice memory.

Like wearing bikinis and crop tops in my 20s. Pretty Woman could never be the same without Julia Roberts and Richard Gere starring as the clumsy prostitute and millionaire businessman. ‘Love Actually’ is another movie that should never be recast and remade. It is criminal to try to rob us of our memories. End of story. So this brings us back to Four Weddings.

It was in 1994 when curly haired American played by Andie Macdowell fell in love with the lovable floppy haired character played by Hugh Grant. They stole our hearts and box office takings all over the world. It was of course before Hugh made headlines around the world for his Sunset Boulevard stop down with Divine Brown. Yes. Remember that name?

We were all wild about the charming male Brit before that pit stop and to be honest I am still pretty sweet on Mr Grant. And Andie MacDowell could do no wrong in the 90’s with her crazy curly hair, big smile and bigger hat. It was before we all straightened our hair to within an inch of its brittle life just to run to the shops to get milk.

Those were the days. 1994 was also the year Pulp Fiction came out. Interview with a Vampire, Ace Venura: Pet Detective, Clear and Present Danger and Reality Bites were all released. It was a good year for good cinema. Well brace yourself because a new Terminator film is coming this year but the great news is Arnie and Linda Hamilton are back to play the lead characters.

Arnie’s may be 71 but his face is only 12. Boom tish! And Toy Story 4 is released in just a few weeks. It has been part of many of our lives for 25 years. Get ready because we are told it is the end of the line for Woody and Buzz. But I think it is fitting to say farewell to our buddies than suffer the indignity of a remake with a new cast. Tom Hanks said he blubbered his way through his final lines of Woody to the point he had to face away from the rest of the cast and crew to deliver the goods.

I will miss Woody and Buzz. To Infinity and Beyond.

Toy Story 4

Sami xxx

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