Is it just me or does everyone just love bricks and mortar?

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Is it just me or does everyone just love bricks and mortar?

Is it just me or does everyone just love bricks and mortar?

I like putting money into things that can’t disappear.

Since the year 2000 Mix FM’s Give Me Five for Kids has raised 4.4 million dollars.

This year if we raise $600 000 it will be Give Me FIVE MILLION for Kids.

$600k will help build an accommodation house close to the hospital to lodge the families of sick young people.  Families whose world is turned upside down when their child is hurt or diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.

Having a sick kid is bad enough and relocating, even for a couple of nights, is disruptive, stressful and incredibly expensive.

It’s a project we are passionate about and if you like the idea you could have a piece of it too.

Give Me 5 for Kids has been phenomenal this year, we know we are going to break the record, but we’re not going to hit $600K.

We really need four $25k donors (tax deductible).  That is a lot of cash to most of us but I don’t like to think about who might or might not be interested, because you can never tell when you meet someone how much money they’ve got or how they like to spend it.

For their contribution, the donor will receive lifetime sponsorship of a room in the new facility.  This will include a name plaque in the room you help build, acknowledgement in the media and on the hospital honour wall.

Other sponsorship offers at similar accommodation are $13k per year.

We’ll keep our sponsors up to date with the progress of the build and invite you to every significant milestone and party.

It’s an enormous donation but we know there are philanthropists in the community, we just need to find them.

When I was thinking about what to write for my column this week, this was all I could think of.  It’s all I talk about to anyone for the month really.

Just when I started to think I should broaden my brain and try to write about tax cuts, banning plastic or controversial TV, I got this message from my friend Sharon, ‘I just wanted to say that I am part of the silent group of supporters chipping in and doing what we can. I bought raffle tickets instead of lunch tickets this year. This huge effort does more than help GM5, this month lifts us all up and shows the beauty of people power. It is also the month where I turn up to work with a tear-stained face after hearing stories of sick kids or listening to another business give so generously. Hope you hit your target with GM5.’

Not everyone can give $25k but if you know someone who can, would you give them a nudge for me?

Caroline xx

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