Is it Just Me or Does Everyone Love the Things That Make Aussies Unique?

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Is it Just Me or Does Everyone Love the Things That Make Aussies Unique?

Is it just me or does everyone love the things that make Aussies unique?

I have been thinking about tucker this week. Well, every week really, but specifically Australian grub and what I will take to a barbie tomorrow.
I refuse to be judged but I am taking a Lamington Ice Cream Cake I saw on the Woolies website.
It involves buying two liters of ice-cream, two packets of lamington fingers and some iced magic. Bonza.

I think Lamingtons are truly Australian because no one else does them. They were named after the former governor of Queensland and first served in Toowoomba. Proper Aussie tucker.
I like the sausage in bread too. We serve them at hardware stores, surfing comps and on election day. If you live in this country, you have been offered a sausage sanger at some point and most likely scoffed it.

Same goes for vegemite on toast. It might have been sold off and controversial but we all had it for brekky as kids and every Aussie backpacker has a tube up their clacker.
Lamb roast has to get a mention. I was raised on it any drongo can cook it.
I am not sure about the meat pie. We love them for sure but so do the poms. I am not sure we can call them fair dinkum.

The pavlova, however, is definitely ours. I don’t care about the fight with New Zealand, half of them live here anyway and I reckon we probably came up with it together. It’s scrumptious, world class, and someone in your family probably makes the best pav you’ve ever had. That’s what makes it a national dish.

There are some honorable mentions too. Chicken Parmigiana is something we have been perfecting since the 1970’s. It’s roots are Italian but just like pizza, we added pineapple to make it just bogan enough to be true blue.

Speaking of pineapple, we localised the hamburger too. Only in Australia does a burger with the lot mean pineapple, tinned beetroot and a fried egg. I am not stoked about it but you can’t deny it’s ridgy didge.

And finally, Pumpkin soup. Whether you’re crook, out bush or just freezing your tits off and needing some comfort food, pumpkin soup will do it. In fact, I bet your first flat had pumpkin soup goobers on the ceiling.

They make pumpkin soup in other countries but it is the most googled recipe in Australia, which actually has me stuffed because it only has three ingredients, six if you’re up yourself.
Apart from food, do you know the other thing I love about this country? Youse might have worked it out by now.

Whatever you’re doing tomorrow, have a rip snorter.

– Caroline x

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