Is it just me or does everyone struggle to make sense of the world?

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Is it just me or does everyone struggle to make sense of the world?

Is it just me or does everyone struggle to make sense of the world?

Three weeks ago, I wrote to you about a little girl called Isabella Johnston.

Isabella has endured 53 operations. First because she was born without an oesophagus and then because of a rare metabolic disorder. A lifetime in hospital.

Despite all, Isabella is a very switched on and active seven year old. She is in grade two and loves netball.  She is a talented artist, cheeky to her older brother Fraser and loves Bindi Irwin.

When I met Isabella, she was in hospital for something weird.  Jos and her husband Bill had noticed Isabella was jumpy, her arms were a bit jerky and she couldn’t sit still.

When I visited the family quickly at home the next day, Isabella was in great shape, she met me at the door with a big smile and called out to Fraser to come and say hi.

On Wednesday, I got this message from Jos.

I just wanted to say a big thank you to you Mark and the team for the hard work to raise money for GM5FK. I have been watching all your events and it’s mind blowing what you are achieving.

We always try to make Jesse’s Party. Not sure if we will make this year. Isabella is back in hospital for the 3rd time since we saw you at SCUH.

Over the past 3 weeks the movement has increased to the point of exhaustion. She is rapidly losing motor function and now cannot really walk at present, feed herself etc. Each day degeneration gets worse in skills. Although there are some doctors with bleak predictions I have the faith it is something that can be fixed, hopefully before it’s too late. Good luck with final events and big congratulations.

Two days later, some sinister possibilities have been ruled out but tiny, brave Isabella continues to deteriorate and no one knows why.

Jos and Bill remain positive, praying it is a glitch and they will seen have their cheeky girl back. It’s so incredibly unfair, for a little girl who has fought so hard.

Yesterday Jos wrote, Isabella has been so good. Never once in 7 years has she ever complained. Even unable to walk, the Dr says ‘How are you today?’ and she says, ‘I’m good’.

She did have a low point Tuesday. Her condition makes IV’s difficult to put in.  She came back to her bed and just cried and cried for 5 minutes repeatedly, saying “Life is unfair, I just want to go home.” Broke my heart.

It breaks my heart too Jos.  You and Bill are so brave and Isabella is lucky to have such beautiful parents.  Give Me Five for Kids is always for people like you, this year, it’s especially for you.

Caroline xx

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