Is it Just Me or Does Everyone Struggle with the Concept of Boxing?

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Is it Just Me or Does Everyone Struggle with the Concept of Boxing?

Is it just me or does everyone struggle with the concept of boxing?

I can’t watch people hit each other in the head but I know it’s a sport that changes lives for the better. And I know beautiful, kind smart men who are involved.

Last night one of those men, Olympian Brad Hore was inducted into the Sunshine Coast Hall of Fame. After two Olympics, two Commonwealth Games, 7 Australian titles and 2 world championships, Brad deserves every accolade he gets.

On stage I asked Brad a couple of questions.

Why did you get into boxing?

When I was 9 my dad encouraged me to try it because I was too small for footy and needed a confidence boost. He gave me a choice between karate or boxing, I chose boxing and never looked back. My very first coach believed I could make the 2002 Commonwealth Games, not everyone agreed, but I trained hard and made the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. It was a lesson to my friends and family, never challenge me in a dare.

Does boxing relate to your identity?

I am a proud indigenous man with or without my boxing career but being named the 23rd Indigenous Olympian created a stronger sense of pride for my culture and where I came from. Over the last 6 years working within indigenous health, I know it is my duty to encourage my peoples to live a healthy lifestyle based around physical health and lifestyle.

Is the boxing ring a good place for young blokes?

Yes, it teaches boundaries, discipline and confidence. I’ve learnt many life lessons in the ring about winning and losing including fairness and being matched with someone my own size and weight. Whilst I’ve always been part of a team, standing alone in the ring was always my job and responsibility. My 9 year-old step son started boxing this year and already it has changed the way he interacts with kids and bullies at school. He is aware there is a time and a place for fighting and it’s in the ring with a coach on each side.

What is your career highlight?

I have many to choose from but the one I feel I benefited the most from was Athens Olympics. I didn’t win the fight, but it is because of that I learnt more about myself and the way I approach a loss. It changed the way I conducted myself in the future, in and outside the ring.

What is your life highlight?

The 14th of May 2018, the birth of my son. He changed my whole world and showed me that he is worth more than any medal or belt I could ever win.
Congratulations on your career Brad Hore. You are a fine role model a true champion and a great friend.

– Caroline xx

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